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  • Newborn Care Basics: Tips for New Parents
    When you have a newborn, the smallest little lives need special attention to stay healthy. Phoenix Pediatrics is here for expecting and new parents with a dedicated team of pediatric Read more
  • When To Seek Lactation Consultation: Signs You Might Need Professional Help
    Breastfeeding is an amazing way to provide your little one with the nutrients they need. You get to bond with them, and it's inexpensive. However, sometimes, issues can arise along Read more
  • The Pediatrician's Role In Caring For Children With Special Needs
    Your children are the most precious thing in the world to you. However, not all kids’s needs are the same. Some children will need extra or unique treatment from their Read more
  • FAQs About Pediatric Asthma
    Severe pediatric asthma can affect Phoenix, and Scottsdale, AZ, infants and children and cause many long-term health problems. If your child has developed this health issue or you’re worried they Read more
  • When Should I See a Lactation Specialist?
    Breastfeeding offers numerous benefits and is an excellent way to both nourish and bond with your little one. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is not always easy as various challenges can come up. Read more
  • What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?
    There are many mothers that want to breastfeed but have a difficult time doing so. This can be extremely frustrating, especially for new moms. Luckily, this isn’t something that you Read more
  • What Does A Pediatrician Do?
    It takes a lot of work to make sure that your child is staying healthy and happy and it’s important that you have a team to help make that happen. Read more
  • When To See a Pediatrician
    Your child's pediatrician is the healthcare professional who will be your greatest ally when caring for their physical and often mental health. You can visit your local Phoenix and Scottsdale, Read more
  • Ear Infections: Symptoms and Treatment Options
    Be able to recognize when your little one is dealing with an ear infection. An ear infection is one of the most common problems that children face. While an older child Read more
  • Why Newborn Care Visits are Important
    Pediatricians are an essential part of your family’s healthcare team  Your baby is on its way. While you’re painting the nursery, reading up on the best car seats and preparing your Read more
  • Why Having a Pediatrician Is Important
    Finding the right pediatrician is essential for your child’s health and wellbeing. We know that every parent wants to give their children everything in life, and the start of a bright Read more
  • Caring for Your Child With Special Needs
    Finding a pediatrician for your child doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the biggest decisions for any parent will be finding the right pediatrician for their child. We understand that Read more
  • Caring For Your Newborn
    Whether or not you're expecting your first child, every baby is different and may require specific care from your pediatrician. Our team at Phoenix Pediatricians in Phoenix, AZ, understand that Read more
  • Ear Infections in Children
    Ear infections in babies and young children are relatively common. But what should you do if you suspect your child may have an ear infection? While most ear infections may Read more
  • Your Baby and Cradle Cap
    Noticing rough, scaly patches of skin on your newborn’s scalp? If so, this is a sign of cradle cap. This condition (also known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis) is fairly common Read more
  • Does My Child Need Glasses?
    We all want our children to be healthy and to have the best chance for success, especially once they start school. Of course, your child must be getting regular vision Read more

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